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IMP GROUP One Solution

IGS is co-founder of the IMP Group, a high experienced group of Colombian-Venezuelan companies that offer integrated solutions for the oil & Gas industry.

Powering the Energy Transition

Supporting the Energy Transition towards decarbonization and zero CO2 emisions. IGS helps you design gas treatment plants for carbon reduction and capturing.

Seismic reservoir characterization

Quantitative Seismic Attibute analysis, AVO/FVO and AVA/FVA, Seismic Inversion, Fractured Reservoir characterization & Oil/Gas shale.

Formation evaluation & Reservoir Engineering

Petrophysics and Formation Evaluation, Rock Physics, Pore Pressure prediction and Reservoir and Completion Design.

Prospect and production assets evaluation

Seismic interpretation, 2D/3D modeling and geomorphologic interpretation, reserves/resources volume quantification and risk analysis.

Seismic acquisition design and processing

2D/3D/3C seismic acquisition design, Seismic data processing in time and depth, High Frequency data enhancement, 2D/3D velocity model building.

Production optimization

Stimulation optimization, IOR/EOR studies, Nodal analysis, Economic simulations, Surface facility design & Optimization for O&G.

Well Planning & Well construction

Design Well trajectory, Offset wells analysis, Wellbore integrity analysis, BHA Design, Rig selection.

Field Development & Optimization

Location/Cluster plans, Drilling and Completion Optimization, Formation Damage Diagnostics and Remedial.


Effective and innovative solutions in Geophysics, Geology and Engineering for the Oil & Gas
exploration and production. Working towards decarbonization and zero CO2 emisions.


IGS means effective and innovative integrated solutions in Geophysics, Geology and ...

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Our Partners

One of IGS´s important strengths is the technical support given by his strategic alliances ....

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The quality of our work is reflected in the clients´ loyalty, that have trusted and ...

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Assets evaluation

IGS offers high experienced experts for the integral evaluation of assets from exploration and...

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